Where Do I Start?


Welcome To Ocean City Weddings !

You’re engaged, and your dream is to be married on the beach.
But where do you start?
Should you choose Assateague Island, Ocean City, Rehoboth Beach, do you have a favorite spot – or do you need a suggestion?
Have you ever even visited the beach town you have chosen ?

When you decide, then what does each town need in the way of permits?
What time of day, what day of the week, which week of the month and which month of the year is best for the wedding you really want to have?

How do you find a photographer who knows how to shoot for the bright sunlight of the beach?    One who knows the best poses and romantic shots, angles and creative ideas for your photos?
These photos and family portraits that you will cherish for forever …..

Do you trust your cousin who has a great camera and some good casual photo skills, to capture just the moments that you dream of seeing
as your wedding day memories?

What about a beautiful backdrop setup for your wedding ceremony?
Are you dreaming of
Romantic ambiance as you share your vows,
and for exceptional photos that you will treasure?

Do you buy everything at home, plan exactly what you want set up, draw pictures of what you want  – with instructions,  THEN RECRUIT FRIENDS AND FAMILY TO come to your room or your vehicle, hand carry everything out to the beach and set it all up just exactly as you have written down for them so it can be set up a couple of hours ahead,  so they can then go in, shower, change and get ready for your WEDDING?

After the wedding, then do you ask those same people to take everything down and haul it off of the beach, take it your hotel room or load it back into your vehicle?

And – what IS allowed as a setup on the beach, anyway ?? 

Whew !!  I’m exhausted just thinking about it.  Tell us the details of your dream for your wedding, and let us take care of your details.

Browse through Ocean City Weddings and what we have to offer, ask us all your questions and we will be there for you as you are planning for your perfect wedding ceremony.

We look forward to hearing from you !

Pastor Mary





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